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my_town_photos's Journal

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This community is a place to share photos of our home towns and the towns, cities or villages in which we live. To begin with, each week on a Monday there will be a call for suggestions for topics for the week, with voting on a Wednesday. No strict time limits on posting the photos (we all have busy lives) but try and get them done within a week.

The focus is on fun and learning about where we all live, some of us are more skilled photographers than others but its a chance for us all to learn, whether its about photography or geography!

Maintained by buzzy_bee

We have an intro quiz (not compulsory and feel free to add, delete or alter questions as you wish!):

1. Name (LJ or real, as you like)
2. Where do you live?
3. Is this where you grew up?
4. If not, how long have you lived here?
5. Do you think you will see out your days here?
6. Other places you've lived.
7. Camera(s)